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Title: The Nanny DVD Collection
Description: The Nanny DVD Collection. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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Language: English

Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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The Nanny is an American situation comedy co-produced by Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc. and Highschool Sweethearts Productions in association with TriStar Television (now Sony Pictures Television on reruns on Lifetime) for CBS. It first aired from November 3, 1993, to June 23, 1999, and starred actress Fran Drescher as Fran Fine, a charming and bubbly Jewish Queens native who casually becomes the nanny of three children from the New York upper class. The show's theme song was written and performed by Ann Hampton Callaway.

Created and executive produced by Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny took much of its inspiration from Drescher's personal life, involving names and characteristics based on near relatives and friends. The show earned a Rose d'Or and one Emmy Award, out of a total of 13 nominations, and moreover garnered Drescher two Golden Globe nominations. Since the early 2000s the sitcom has also spawned several foreign adaptations, loosely inspired by the original scripts.

The Nanny is primarily based upon the story line of a nasal-voiced woman Fran Fine (played by Fran Drescher) from Flushing, Queens, who appears at the doorstep of a wealthy widowed producer Englishman, Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield (played by former Days of our Lives star Charles Shaughnessy), while selling cosmetics. Fran has just been fired from her job as a bridal consultant by her ex-boyfriend, Danny. Maxwell mistakenly believes that Fran has been sent by a nanny agency and quickly hires her to be nanny to his three kids. Fran, with her untraditional nurturing style and no-nonsense honesty, soon becomes a favorite with the kids as well as Maxwell, as they come to respect her opinions and love her as a person. It is a situation of blue collar meets blue blood, as Fran gives the prim-and-proper Maxwell and his children a dose of "Queens logic," helping them to become a healthy, happy family.

Fran Drescher
Charles Shaughnessy
Daniel Davis
Lauren Lane
Nicholle Tom
Benjamin Salisbury
Madeline Zima
RenÂȘe Taylor

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ALL 146 Uncut Episodes - 6 Seasons on 13 DVDS

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  • 100% in chronological order
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