On September 12, 1959, NBC aired the pilot episode of Bonanza, a Western television show created by David Dortort. The TV series ran for 14 seasons with 430 episodes. It ceased airing on NBC in January 1973.

Bonanza is a drama series that focused on the adventures of the Cartwright family. Lorne Greene starred as Ben Cartwright, a ranch owner and father of three sons, born of three different mothers. Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts played as Cartwright’s sons. Most of the storylines focused on family-related problems and social issues like racism. In the series, Landon participated in directing and writing some of the episodes for the show.

The show also starred David Canary as Candy Canaday, Victor Sen Yung as the Cartwright family’s cook and Mitch Vogel as Jamie Hunter. Notable actors also guested on the Western series, including Donald Elson, Walter Burke, Ted Knight, John Milford, George Keymas, Tina Menard, Ben Johnson and Jesse Wayne.

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